one problem after another FML
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    Angry one problem after another FML

    so decided to have a little mix sess today to find out my controller is being a dick!!!

    vinyl mode is on but its like its off

    when its in cue 1234 mode the light is constant red

    when its in effects mode its blinking red and does fuck all!!

    if i was to switch to c or d and back again the music on either deck a or b stops WTF?!!!

    plus my in line fader is jumping around ( way to get another one sent to me so not so bad)

    seriously though not been playing them allot just now because of work and that hardly been bloody used and every time i go to play them something else happens close to smashing them up!!! (jus kidding :P)

    tried several times importing the mapping (twice) restarting my laptop and hee fucking haw

    rant over

    and if any one has had these problems and been able to resolve them feel free.... 50 on tunes today all i want to do is have some fun
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    In my experience, when the jog is blinking red in Jog FX mode, it's because my touch sensor knobs got bumped up too high...

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    If you use multiple controllers beside VCI make sure to set midi In/Out port to each controller and it's mapping.

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