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    Exclamation Maschine and Serato midi failing

    Hey guys!

    I have recently been trying to map maschine to serato (cue points, loops, sampler and effects) to use live when gigging, nothing to overly hard, just basic midi mappings. Mapping maschine was easy, and i saved my settings and it worked fine. I then went to use the maschine when I was playing a gig, and it would not respond to any of the mappings i had saved, nor could I map it again (the pads wouldnt respond when attemtping to midi).

    I tried for days to fix this, but no luck! So i deleted the drivers for maschine and the NI control editor and downloaded them again. I was able to midi map to serato again, and I thought all was well, until it happened again last night when I tried to use it at a gig.

    Is there something I am missing here?

    Set up currently is:
    MacBook 13"
    Rane ttm57

    any help would be much appreciated


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    is it possible you don't set things up the same on your gigs as u do at home, like buss power versus wall wart, etc.?

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