VCI 400 EGE or Regular Tempo faders *high resolution??*
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    Default VCI 400 EGE or Regular Tempo faders *high resolution??*

    Hi guys, i have a Regular 400. and im getting pissed with the tempo faders. it seems like it is not "high resolution" faders. is the EGE the same?

    i cant seem make the faders of the current track playing. For example, current track playing 130 bpm...and my cue track to 130 increases by a certain % depending on tempo range you set at.

    i set my at 8% range...and it increases about 0.07 bpm so sad!!!!

    is there anyway around this? is there anyway to for it to increase by 0.01 @ 8% tempo range?

    the S2 tempo faders were so much better (that was replaced for this Vestax)

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    s2 tempo faders were using the NHL code i think its called. Not Midi. Thats why they are way more sensitive. NHL is native instruments answer to MIDI. Works hand in hand with traktor and other NI software. Not sure if you can get it down to .01%. Map one of the encoders to pitch control. I think there is a couple threads about this in this sub forum.
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