Hey Guys,

I am looking for In Ear Monitors since I am getting more and more aware of the fact that most monitors in clubs are way too loud and are ruining my ears.

At the moment I'm djing with my Sennheiser HD 25II which I'm very keen of, since it isolates pretty well and the sound quality is awesome. The way I DJ is that I prefer to put both shells on in the beginning of the new track and after about 20 secs. I "take" one shell off so that one ear is hearing the booth monitor and the other is still listening to the HD 25 II.

I never use the master on the mixer, I always select both channels. This way of mixing can give me some problems with In Ear Monitors I guess.. since the sound of the booth monitor is flattened and it's not an option to take your In ears out every track (pretty obvious).

I really like to know how you guys (if you have IEM's) deal with this? I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. I've read the following article and I think I'll go for the Westone UM2: http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/10/1...itors-for-djs/

any tips about that specific model is welcome as well.