What should I ask for them? (Numark V7 + X5)
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    Default What should I ask for them? (Numark V7 + X5)

    Of course I paid $1000 for the pair of V7s, almost $379 for the Numark X5 and then $200 for the mixer case and $200 for each V7 case.

    I got $1900 invested. I want $1300 plus shipping but I know I will be waiting a while on that. (Like Forever)

    What about $1100 plus shipping? Am I wasting my time? Not sure how I want to go about selling them. I figure posting in the for sale place but how do you make the transaction safe?

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    When I was in Montreal last month, I had the opportunity to buy 2 mint v7s with roadcases for $550...he was having difficulty moving them.

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