Using APC40 to control Traktor and Ableton at the same time?
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    Default Using APC40 to control Traktor and Ableton at the same time?

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    I have both programs running in sync and I was going to use the APC to control different parameters in Ableton and Traktor when they're both running.

    Has anyone tried this? I don't have my APC at home just now to try it out

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    If the mappings are different so the same controller does not control both devices, then I don't see any problems. Don't forget to also sync the MIDI clocks between Ableton Live and Traktor.
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    I've got them running in sync with no problems. I just haven't tried using the APC on both at once

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    I Looked into this some time ago. I couldn't ever find a way to get the APC to "switch" from controlling one program to the other. Sorry i'm not more helpful.

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    Worked for me!

    I use my APC for Traktor mainly by routed my audio through Live, in order to try some Glitch VST's etc.

    I was able to open Traktor and have it work, via Live and then I mapped an Ableton device to one of the buttons on the APC and it worked perfectly.

    I use my APC in dumb mode, meaning I open Live first and get the red square active. Then close Live and open Traktor. This loads my map automatically and then I open Live again.

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    Thanks for all your replies!

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    But from what I've read here, noone seems to use the APC40 simultaneously?

    I heard that there was a solution to this, it's called IAC on Mac and MIDI Yoke on Windows. Both are MIDI interfaces that deliver a virtual MIDI in and an MIDI out port. So what you can do is set the MIDI IN Port of one of these solutions to a Midi Clip in Live (where it says MIDI Output To, you define the IN port of one of these interfaces), and in Traktor, you choose the MIDI Out Port as a MIDI Mapping Device.

    From there on, everything that's happening in the MIDI Channel in Live will be transmitted to Traktor. That's all I can tell you right now, because when it comes to mapping, it gets really advanced. You'll have to map the APC in Ableton to send a MIDI message, and every of the MIDI messages sent from the APC to Live, from Live to the interface and from there on to Traktor will have to be MIDI mapped in Traktor so it'll know what you want to do. You'd probably need Max 4 Live too to get more functionality than just launching clips to send messages (knobs, faders anyone?)

    I'm working on this, is there a tutorial out there? I don't really know how to patch in Max, I've only used existing patches (90% of which rock, so still worth investing money)


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