takeover problems with oxygen
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    Unhappy takeover problems with oxygen

    i bought a new keyboard, my first midi keyboard, the m-audio oxygen 25. i want to use it with ableton. now i want to midimap the knobs and the fader and use the midichannels to control more than just 8 rotarys and one fader. but when i change back to the first channel, the takeover mode doesn't work and the parameter jumps up right to the next midisend value.
    any solution? please help me, i'm a ittle bit frustrated

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    Is it set up in live as "Oxygen 3rd Gen"? That could be your issue.

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    yes, it is. set up as oxygen 3rd gen, track and remote on for in and output. takeover works, if i change the value of the parameter with the mouse or another controller, but takeover with the oxygen midichannels doesn't work.

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