Where you guys who crate dig for free tunes go to? (NON-ILLEGEL DL)
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    Default Where you guys who crate dig for free tunes go to? (NON-ILLEGEL DL)

    I use dubstep.net and Drumandbass.net

    They have a ton of stuff what you broke (or cheap) people using to keep expanding your crates for free.

    So what sites you guys using and what genre of music?
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    Soundcloud has tracks for DL sometimes, or the creative commons area on soundcloud. You have to dig to find something really good, but that's the point right?
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    Jamendo is a gold mine, last night I found some really crazy-interesting French nu-jungle (that most likely I will play at my Mixify show tonight.)
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    Ektoplazm for psy.

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    i started this one a while ago and it's got 4 pages of free music goodness from artists, labels, and various sites. check it out and feel free to add some if you like. i try to post new ones regularly but i've been a bit busy lately, though i'll try and get some more freebies up soon.
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    thread of free music

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    +1 on jamendo. I don't go there often enough but whenever I do I find something cool.
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    I use Dubstep.net DrumnBass.net SoundCloud, every week iTunes gives away one song they believe will hit the top 100. I am patiently awaiting electro.net. Artists who have band pages on Facebook usually give away a few songs on their profile, look for electronic artists who have just hit top ten on beatport and check their facebook pages. Ableton gives away full sets that you can edit, mixdown and play live.

    Regarding SoundCloud, all you have to do is check "whats hot" then check the "free download" filter

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