Hey, what's up DJTT! Before I get into this please allow me to clarify some things. I live in the 2nd smallest state, Delaware, I'm 16, and I DJ electronic genres on a Novation Twitch in serato itch. Did I mention that I'm broke because I spend all my money on music? No? well I am.

I was invited to DJ at a car show at The Chase Center, a huge waterfront venue in the middle of Wilmington, the city I live in. Info if you want it:

I learned to DJ from other people who play a wide spectrum of music from classical compositions to the heaviest of moombahcore. But I don't actually have a DJing style. The way I mix my music is based off of the dubstep mixes that never say die posts (http://www.wewillneversaydie.com/mixes/).

I just want to add much more dept to my mixes. I've read whole articles on mix mastering and how that works and I guess thats why I don't hear many DJs using their effects to often, because they can add them in after they are done playing or broadcasting. But what about when you're playing live? What can I do that won't interrupt the flow that I share with the crowd. What can I do that won't stop them from dancing! What quick and easy going controllerism techniques can I use to keep the crowd involved and won't hold them back from dancing?