XDJ-AERO and Traktor Pro2
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    Default XDJ-AERO and Traktor Pro2

    Hi - does anyone know if the AERO's mixer/filter/fx are still usuable if hooking up with Traktor, or does it just perform more as a passive midi controller/soundcard?

    Thanks for any info
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    Doesn't look like its a midi controller, so it won't work with Traktor. Seems its for playing tunes off of phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by dripstep View Post
    Doesn't look like its a midi controller, so it won't work with Traktor. Seems its for playing tunes off of phones
    Pioneer XDJ-Aero All-In-One DJ System, The XDJ-AERO provides the user his own private Wi-Fi network, up to 4 thomann mobile devices can connected simultaneously. This, for example, allows the audience to participate interactively by sending tracks from smartphones or tablets to XDJ-AERO, The XDJ-AERO rekordbox as the first native player for Pioneer's music management software, DJs have all the features of the thomann software at any time convenient in handle. With rekordbox can create playlists, change in real time, beat grid display, analyze and track BPM values and load during a set. Features and functions: Beat Sync, Auto Mix, jog Drum Sample launch, one-touch recording of mix, thomann MIDI and HID control functions for maximum flexibility, integrated, high-resolution sound card at 44.1 kHz/24-bit, Independent 3-band EQ, two headphone outputs: 3.5mm jack for in-ear headphones and 6.3mm jack for standard headphones, full-color LCD display in 18 languages, microphone input and balanced thomann stereo output jack
    It has midi and I'm quite sure the mixer part is can be bypassed if no mapping is added to them.
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    It's midi controller and stand alone mixer too.

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