Pressing "PLAY" to match the beat of the track
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    Default Pressing "PLAY" to match the beat of the track

    So you guys know the adjust tempo then you press "PLAY" on the cue track and hoping to get beat as close as possible
    to the playing track. *this shows with the orange indicator above the wavelength, if there's no orange, then you're perfect*

    i recently switched to VCI-400 regular *from S2* and now, no matter how precise i am of pressing that PLAY button...i have always way off!!!! too much orange bar showing.

    this is not the case with the S2, 90% i have either i am dead on or only a small bit of orange showing. then i just nudge the jog wheel to get it perfect.

    is there something im doing wrong? i dont get it.


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    ohhh very good point. let me check that when i get home. thanks ill play around with it.

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