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    Default iPad sound output

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips or perhaps any hardware that can help boost the output of the iPad sound. I have it routed into my Traktor S4 but the sound is extremely low. Does anyone have anything that could perhaps fix this issue?

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    Assuming the input on your S4 is not set for the iPad, then use a cheap Behringer mixer or something else between and feed the iPad into this one and then to S4.
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    You pretty much have to max the gain in Traktor on the deck you're running the iPad through. Even then it's not great.

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    have you tried using it with an external sound card with the camera kit? i've had good luck with doing this myself... i just cant remember if it boosts the output at all... I can double check when i get home

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    maybe this would help:

    BTW, I was wondering, what iOS software are you using to be able to hook up external sound card on ipad through camera connection kit? I didn't know it is even possible to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galla View Post
    Bloody hell, all they are is bloody voltage reducers and probably a filter to re-eq. From what I all they do is drop line to a lower "phono" level so you would be utilizing the phono pre-amps of the mixer.

    In Fact they aren't output boosters, but rather output reducers - bit misleading.

    This would do the trick ... and doesn't cost $129

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