What monitors / amp (receiver) for a small space?
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    Default What monitors / amp (receiver) for a small space?

    I'm wanting to look into buying some stereo monitors and an amplifier (reciever?) for my apartment. I was thinking of going with the krk Rokit 5's and I'm not sure about the amp. Right now I'm using an old Denon amp that I don't think is suited very well for music production / DJing. Theres a lot of white noise, right now I have Scarlett2i2 soundcard running to it and from the amp two Jensen speakers from I don't know when. I basically would want something thats in the "hobby" price range if that makes sense. Any other suggestions for speakers is welcome, also I have no idea what to look for in the amp. Thanks for any help.

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    most monitors are powered -- you won't need an amp. Question is how loud and what do you plan on doing with the speakers. KRK are solid speakers, you can't go wrong with them. I have a pair of M-Audio BX8A and as 8inch speakers these things are loud and have some great low's. I can play in my living room for a few friends with these and they are plenty loud. I also have a pair of AV40's and there's a huge difference.
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