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    Default Crate Organization

    Not sure if this has been previously discussed but I am just interested on how everyone have their crates structured.

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    At the moment I've got my collection organised like this:

    Complete Albums
    - Genre

    - Genre
    -- Key

    - Genre

    Unsorted / Incoming
    - Genre

    So basically the tunes that I use for Dj'ing are organised first by genre/subgenre then by key (use Mixed In Key for this). This was okay for my collection at first because it wasn't too big. To find a tune I use Traktor search, iTunes search or Locate32 (from within Windows Explorer - ESSENTIAL program imo). But I've got so many new tunes since I first started this system that I'm gonna have to change things pretty drastically, soon'ish...

    I'm thinking about organising my collection by 'vibe' / 'feeling' at some point in the future. The trouble is that it's almost impossible to organise music by genre/subgenre as so many tunes crossover in style. Gah, I wish Windows had a database file system... would be so handy to be able to 'tag' files from within Windows so that it wouldn't matter where you stored them.
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    I kinda just roam around my collection for now, need to do other stuff before the collection gets organized.

    But it forces me to play lots of different stuff, cause I usually just sort by BPM and go
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