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    Default Thinking of trading in my CDJs for a VCI-400 EGE?

    Hi everyone!

    So I haven't been DJ'ing that long, but when I first started I got two Pioneer CDJ-850s and a DJM-350 mixer. Now I'm starting to re-think my setup now that I got my MF3D. I've been much more interested in controllerism rather than just classic DJing. I'm thinking of trading in what I now pretty much use as big fancy "play" buttons for something a little more portable and a little more my style. I've been looking at the Vestax VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition and I was wondering what you guys thought of it. It seems really customizable and mappable, and it seems like it will work much better with my kind of DJ'ing. So what do you think?

    Thanks in advance!

    ~Mitch Ray

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    Aren't CDJ850 also midi mappable? Other thing, you can't go wrong with VCI-400 EGE. It's a beast!

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    They might be! I'll look into that. And I might start saving up for the VCI-400. Any ideas as to where I could sell my CDJs for a decent price?

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    I think you'd be crazy to sell your cdj's, if you want portability yeah sure. If not and your playing at home keep em. Just m 2cents
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    Right now I'm pretty much learning the ropes of DJing, but I'm probably going to start doing house parties etc. very soon, and lugging my gear around might be a bit more difficult. And I want customizability, which I think I would get more from with the VCI.

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    buy a roadcase for the CDJs, and then you can take em to house parties. Then you can use them with traktor too if you want

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    A pair of cased-up CDJs is a pretty safe bet for a starter setup, bar cost. Look into moving into a bigger mixer, then adding an external effects unit or something, bar cost. But if you're really leaning towards the random button mashing mess that is "controllerism," then Traktor might be your only real solution.

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