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    Default Recording Studio Setup / DJ Setup


    So it is PC sorry to all the Mac fanboys. Don't mean to offend.
    Behringer 5" Studio Monitors
    Traktor Kontrol s4
    Maschine Mikro
    Novation Nocturn keyboard
    Audiotechnica Quite Point headphones
    Shure PG57 Mic
    My HP laptop with pretty much everything mirrored from my Desktop.
    And my guitars. Not going through them all but I HAVE A FREAKING UKULELE.
    Also yes I know the Sub is small and pissy but its the best I can do at the moment. The wife is kinda shitty on how much money I have thrown into this. haha You know how it is.
    Any suggestions on a good studio Sub would be appreciated.

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    Very nice. Looks efficient. Guitars are not to my liking though
    Are you using amp sims or do you have one tucked away somewhere?

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    That pedal board in the bottom left of the photo has all of my amp modeling.

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    Nice! i like it

    Maschine and nocturn make the perfect portable studio! and i love the behringers got a pair of the 8" myself

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