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    Default Most asked post(Caution Ableton,Windows &Noob)

    Hi guys and girls. I produce in Ableton and like many of you Ableton users know the wonderful folks at Ableton think we love working in 32 bit enviroments. I want to run my Kore 2 and Maschine but due to memory limitations I have discovered the best way to do this would be outside of Ableton, correct me if I am wrong. So in order to do this I will need a virtual mixer, I know there is Soundflower but that's for Mac. Is there an alternative for windows for this? Even if you don't feel like explaining just name drop and I will use that wonderfull tool named Google to hamdle the rest, Thank you in advance.
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    Vienna Ensemble Pro is probably what you want:

    It's inanely expensive, and to my knowledge, it's the only thing that does exactly what it does. Basically, it runs as a plugin host and sends audio to/from other applications. You can run it 64-bit (as well as 64-bit plugins) and interface with 32-bit programs like Live. You can even run instances of it on other computers on your network and let them handle some of the processing.

    So, it's overkill, but it'll do what you want……in exchange for a lot of money.

    The other (cheaper) alternative is to bounce (record) individual parts to audio whenever you can…it's less of a drain on your system to play audio files than to run software synthesizers.

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