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    Default Denon mc2000 vs mc3000

    So I'm a new dj, been playing with the idj. I'm mostly into production, but I'm trying to take it to take my music to a different level. I know the 2000 dropped recently but I'm torn between the two. I wanted the 6000 but I'm working with a money budget. (Tryna buy a new MacBook, and a new midi controller; NI maschine) I want someone to put the two side to side and tell me what's the better of the two.

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    Well for one, the 2000 is geared more to Serato...while the 3000 is more friendly to Traktor (and maybe VirtualDJ).
    I just got a 3000 (haven't played with it much...) but I thought about it and the 2000 and a Kontrol S2...but I use Traktor mainly and so I narrowed it down to the 3000 and S2...I use the remix I don't need 4 channels (e.g., 6000 or S4)...the 3000 won out as it had a dedicated filter knob and the jogwheels are more traditional feel than the S2...anyway, here are the main differences that I found:
    - MC2000 is 2 Decks only while the MC3000 is 2 channels but you can switch decks A/C and B/D and control all 4 decks

    - no volume meter on the 2000, the 3000 has a volume meter

    - no separate filter knob on the 2000...the 3000 has all 3 EQs, a gain knob and a dedicated Filter knob

    - no FX assign on the 2000, the 3000 allows you to assign each deck to FX unit 1 and/or 2...can't do FX assign for 4 FX units though

    - 2000 has 3 knobs + 1 encoder for FX...3000 has 4 knobs for FX (in traktor, this translates to 1 wet/dry + 3 param knobs)

    - 2000 only has unbalanced RCA master outs...the 3000 has balanced 1/4" and unbalanced RCA master out

    - 2000 has 1 AUX input...3000 has 2 line inputs...but can't mix them standalone

    - 2000 is USB bus powered....3000 requires an AC adapter (included)

    that is about all I can think of...somebody else might add more...
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