New mixer: Xone42, djm850 or KONTROL Z2?
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    Default New mixer: Xone42, djm850 or KONTROL Z2?

    Hello all, I come here to make a request for help choosing a new mixer. I've been researching on various websites and forums and come to some conclusions but still would like to hear your views on this matter. Thank you for your availability and I am sure that your answers will be a great help to me.
    So this is now the time that I've been looking for a professional mixer, vestax currently have a 002, and a one KONTROL x1 sound card audio KONTROL 1, wanted to upgrade the mixer and my first choice goes to a mixer xone 42 .
    My questions are whether the djm 850 or TRAKTOR KONTROL the z2 options would be better or worse in my case, advantages and disadvantages of these mixers over the xone 42.
    Thanks again and I apologize if my English is not the best, because it was remixed with Google translator.
    Cheers to all.

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    42 design is a bit "aged" and has little digital capabilities. If you want an excellent analogue mixer. This is the one to get.

    850 is twice the price You get effects, midi controll and a lot of status for that. But if you run traktor you have effects, and your x1 has more Midi capabilities that this mixer has.

    The Z2 is as much a 4 deck mixer as a two deck mixer with two mic ins is. It's just not.

    These are 3 vastly different products!
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    Normally I get to mix two channels but in the future might want more, I like the effects of traktor and use without exaggerating, I use traktor and a computer and techno mix. The mixer is for use at home, but I want to step dj professional so I want to invest well, to stay with professional equipment for the future. My budget is 800 euros to 1000 euros, but if the mixer really worth can go up to 1500 euros.
    I know the djm 850, KONTROL xone 42 and z2 are not all the same level and have different characteristics, but which inclines me to xone is the price, the quality that everyone is talking about and like it, the only thing so that makes me more withdrawn is to be a mixer with many years. A pioneer djm 850 is, industry standard and stuff, despite being expensive and I do not much interest for the effects, but it is modern and not know how far the sound quality could be better. The KONTROL z2 is like a dream come true, I started playing with traktor on the computer and even though I enjoy djing this was my first experience and I have a huge affection for traktor, but sometimes looks like a toy compared to other I want something mixers and pro. If they were all the same price and the same quality I chose KONTROL z2 the affection I have for traktor.
    Mixers of all the ones I've ever tried was a djm 700 from a friend, but it seems a bit outdated.
    Another point is that I have the audio kontrol1e the x1, is an investment that is already done and I have to monetize it in these times of crisis and be able to save some money is always better.

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    I have a xone 32 that I really like. It sounds much better then the djm 600 I had before it, the filters are pretty sweet, and I really like the three channel setup. I send sample decks c and d into the spare channel. It's a great lil mixer and was a hell of a good deal.
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    My personal opinion, if you're going for the 850 just go straight for the 900 nexus. An 800 or 900 will be found most often in a club environment, out here anyways, though presuming you're from Europe you might find a fair chunk of Allen & Heath mixers. It is also a question of whether or not you need the extra effects

    I used to have a Xone 42, I miss it dearly and debating getting the Xone 92 pretty soon here. Beautiful sound, gorgeous filters, I wouldn't ask for more from my mixer. My only warning, be sure you are comfortable with a logarithmic fader curve as the upfaders are not adjustable.

    I can't really commment on the Z2 but it by no means tickles my fancy.

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