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Thread: The Rukkus' rig

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    Default The Rukkus' rig

    Macbook Pro
    M-AUDIO FastTrack-Pro

    Running Traktor to mix live, using either S2/S4, depending who brought their toy. I have my own APC40 which I use for instant-grat and additional hotcues/control.

    2 x 5.25" Mackie Studio Monitors
    1 x 10" KRK Sub
    AKG K240 Headphones

    Wish I had somewhere to take it so that I could turn it up, but living in my apartment kinda keeps it low.

    Looking to pick up the Z2 and some CDJs for my own purposes, but I ain't that ballin yet and will continue to mix on the APC/kontrol whatever until then.

    Oh and somehow I forgot the most important part of my set-up: a plaque I found on the road that now hangs behind my rig as motivation for producing and mixing:

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    updated and rearranged a bit..


    added a Z2 and 2x denon sc2000 for mixing in traktor


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    nice one!
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