Hi everyone, newbie on the forum so please bear with me.

I'm after some help with my current setup:

2x Pioneer CDJ1000mk3
Pioneer DJM800
Traktor Scratch Pro 2.5
Traktor Audio10
Novation Dicer

What I'm having trouble with is I guess you could call it 'accuracy' of the cdj's when using them with Traktor. When transitioning, I like to loop 8/16 bars for 2-3 minutes at a time between tracks. However, I find that even with my fully-beat gridded tracks verified against the internal tempo meter, tracks seem to slip out of phase and I end up with the basslines sort of cancelling each other out.

After re-beatgridding, checking my cdj's, and re-calibrating my cdj's..I'm running out of options. One idea I'm discussing with a friend who's also on here is going to a full digital setup. Is it perhaps that my cdj's aren't really compatible with Traktor? Or is it that this is somewhat to be expected from a hybrid-style of setup.

Would going fully-digital resolve these issues or is there something wrong with my configuration?

Really would appreciate any assistance guys!