Hard drive organization recommendations
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    Default Hard drive organization recommendations

    Ok, so I have 3 hdd one is about 300gb has my music on the others are 60gb and like 160gb(or more). Well what I want to do is organize my music a little more. Any suggestion on how i should reorganize for better song findings. Right now for example I have the main folder, then a folder called dancehall, in that it's broken down into years so 2005 has every dancehall riddim for that year with the tracks... Or another example main folder - - > hip hop - > 2pac - - > (all of his albums), main > hip hop > singles 2011 > (all random 2011 tracks).. Its set like that because when playing I've been brought up to keep a fairly consistent timeline, rather than going from 2012 banger then to 1995 and the back up to 2012... Any suggestions from you guys on a differ organizing option? Thanks

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    Very common question!

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