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    So i wanted to start a weekly mixes (30mins to 60mins) and post it on mix cloud or soundcloud

    and i have read alot of about copyrights and what not. From what i have read so far, i shouldn't get into any trouble for making these mixes of people's songs.

    but i want to double check here, just in case i missed a sentence or two in my research.

    i tend to list all tracklist of what being use.

    thanks guys

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    Don't waste another SECOND worrying about this. Just get stuck in, and get your first mix out before the end of this week.

    If you don't, it's just another week wasted, and another mix you DIDN'T put out there.
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    As a DJ you can't really let this stuff hold you back, as Patch said, but here's some info on Mixcloud: -

    Mixcloud is committed to supporting artists who appear in music Cloudcasts and has an objective to provide a superior legal alternative to file sharing. As such, Mixcloud is fully licensed by the SoundExchange, PRS for Music and the PPL, and all playback of copyrighted songs contained within the tracklists on the site are reported so that the correct licensing royalties can be attributed to the artists.

    SoundCloud works a little differently. When you upload a mix, it's automatically scanned to see if it contains tracks that are blocked. Copyright holders can request that tracks are blocked and then they're added to the list. I've had 3 mixes blocked because of this so far and the offending song in each case was: -

    GZA - Liquid Swords
    Dilated Peoples - Ear Drums Pop
    The Who - My Generation

    But the mix is just blocked - it doesn't mean you'll get in trouble or anything.

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    When I first started uploading mixes I only did it to mixcloud because I had read somewhere that soundcloud didn't allow using other people's work. I think that that has changed as now I see a ton of people using soundcloud for their mixes. Pretty much, listen to the people above me. You won't get into trouble if you upload a mix. Be sure to link us to it!

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    soundcloud will either not allow your mix to be posted (annoyingly after you spend time uploading the whole thing - unless they recently changed that). from what i read the audio scan at the time was only checking the first 30 seconds of a track, though they might have expanded that now. my mix was rejected a while back. it is usually the popular stuff on big labels that isn't allowed. i have about 10 mixes up and the only one i couldn't load had this as the opening track which flagged it:

    yes, i opened a tribal set with this mindfuck of a song that no one in their right mind would listen to without context and it got flagged. it's pretty funny when i think about it.
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    i've had one mix in the last two years pinged. as mentioned, don't worry about it upload away
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    I recently put up a mix on soundcloud that I thought might have the potential as some of it is on major labels, but no problem so far. Either it was too deep in the mix or too broke apart to notice. Mixcloud I've seen no problem with but I get more traffic on soundcloud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameeka View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameeka View Post
    It's my first time to be here and I would like to ask something if you know furniture consignment gallery, are you familiar with it?
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