Danny Tenaglia Interview- 7/2012- really interesting on the current scene
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    Default Danny Tenaglia Interview- 7/2012- really interesting on the current scene

    Don't know if its been posted but he discusses some interesting topics including the reason for not taking up as many gigs.

    What really caught my attention is him not feeling 90 min sets at big festivals and the loss of proper "residencies". Also the fact of him saying that many winter conference parties in Miami are moving to the pool side. He states that when the cops come out to shut it down or whatever, you could pay him 100k but he still wouldn't want to continue. He just wants to get out of there as fast as possible. (around 17 min marker)

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    He's such a cool and down to earth person. A DJ's DJ. Lots of respect to the man, I admire him a lot.
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    Nice interview... Danny has been at the top of my favorite 5 DJs since like '95, even after jungle took a big chunk of my interest, his flawless delivery and selection speaks volumes over every one else. Good to hear some perspective on the post he made, and really even the guys at Good Looking posted on their website for a few years that they needed a holiday, the important things in life are happening around you, while busy chasing other things.

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    i cant even imgine what 27 hours of nonstop would be like...fuck

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