Very melancholy, emotional beat:

The night before I made this beat I was up late at night, listening to the new Mumford & Sons album just sorta reflecting on past relationships and analyzing my mistakes and possible regrets -- it wasn't like emo bullshit, but like legitimate learning from the past, but it did get me thinking about a lot of exes and the next day I stumbled across the sample I used for this beat and had to attack it (keeping the sample under wraps btw)

The bass was really finicky in this and with all the different vocals going on the in the background I couldn't get something that really vibed well so the bass is really lite, but somehow I feel like that adds to the strain of the beat and goes along with the sorrow/desire tone of it

Wow, this is a long description -- anyway, check it out, and make sure you check out the switch at 1:48 -- that's where the emotional aggression really comes out! Anyway, like I said, this one comes from a rather emotional spot for me so I'm really hoping you guys dig it -- but if not, it's still feels good to put this one out there