I have Traktor Scratch A10 (2.5) running it with 2 Technics 1200's with external mixer. I recently bought the Maschine, I dont want to open up the Maschine yet because i wont be able to get my refund back if i break the seal just incase i want to return it back. The reason for this is that im in a Live Band. I usually do the scratching with my band and effects with Traktor Scratch.

What im trying to do is use just one Turntable for scratching and use the Maschine for the effects only? Whould I able to do this if i sync it? Im thinking if i dont sync it then it would be two windows running on the laptop, i dont think i want to do that. Or maybe connect the Maschine to PC/A10 Interface? I know there is a way to sync this together, but i only want the Maschine to work as doing effects while i scratch the same time. Or if i can scratch the effect coming from the Maschine if already sync to Traktor?

Can someone please help.