Traktor 2.6 FLUX Mode + Twitch = Slicer clone???
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    Default Traktor 2.6 FLUX Mode + Twitch = Slicer clone???

    With the new Traktor Pro 2.6 feature "Flux Mode" . . .

    . . . has anyone else seen this as an opportunity to properly clone the "slicer" mode in Serato Itch on the Novation Twitch controller?

    Or has this already been done in other user mappings and I just don't know about it? I know the VCI-400 EGE was said to have something like this, but did anyone port it to the Twitch?

    PS - I don't own a Twitch, never really used one outside of a Guitar Center... but I'm thinking of getting one sometime before the year ends.
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    Nope. You still couldn't jump for 3,5,6,7 beats.

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    Has anyone developed a Traktor solution for the "Slicer" mode in Itch?

    Is it possible to port that mapping over from the VCI-400 EGE?

    I'm not really interested in the current mappings available for Twitch/Traktor. The user mappings here are good but not what I'm looking for.

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    the VCI-400 sends out many more midi messages than normal with differing timing variations to trick traktor into believing that all the commands are different... In short if you used a middleware program to duplicate the messages you could port over the EGE slicer, but it wouldn't be easy if you didn't know what you were doing.. Also I think the EGE slicer is not that reliable so more of an experiment at this stage. If you want the slicer functionality you should just get Serato DJ.
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