Is a Maschine a good candidate for a Madeon - Pop Culture style mashup?
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    Default Is a Maschine a good candidate for a Madeon - Pop Culture style mashup?

    Let me first say, I'm not a massive fan of Ableton Live. I've been using Cubase since around 1997 so I'm much happier with that.

    I really want to have a go at doing mashups of my favourite dnb/jungle tunes in much the same way as Madeon does in his Pop Culture video. I need a solution that allows me to easily sample loops and sounds from my existing dnb/jungle/sample collection and trigger them via hardware.

    Maschine appeals to me because the software looks straightforward, is well integrated with the hardware and can be used as a plugin in Cubase for more advanced editing if need be.

    Thoughts? Am I going to regret not persevering with Ableton Live?

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    Ableton with an APC or launchpad would be my choice for that kind of thing. I'm afraid I don't have enough experience with maschine to be able to help you on that tho.
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    The Madeon video uses Ableton + Launchpad. I would use my APC for that.

    You could easily perform that way with Maschine controlling live, but with Maschine alone it would probably make for a more difficult and more impressive performance.

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    It will be quite cumbersome to do it in Maschine's software, you might be able to pull it but honestly I think it will be a major headache.

    A "workaround" would be ignoring the scenes/patterns and assigning the pads to different choke groups and play it live. One major downside is it won't be quantized in any way.

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