Ableton w/ Maschine? quick help plz
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    Default Ableton w/ Maschine? quick help plz

    Quick question. Can ableton be mapped to work with NI Maschine? Or do I need an Akai MPC style drum pad? Im entirely new to production, and I was looking to get the Maschine but after reading a few forums, I think I came across the notion that Maschine and Ableton are not compatible, since Maschine comes with its own software?

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    Maschine can be used with Ableton as any MIDI controller would, it even has a scripted mapping for it. Dunno where you got the incompatibility idea from but it's not quite right.

    The controller has 2 layers, regular HID and MIDI. HID one controls the Maschine software, press shift + control and you are in MIDI land, you can switch between multiple presets directly from the hardware and edit them with Controller Editor.

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    Maschine and ableton are awesome

    Get an apc40 and you've got a solid hands off the laptop set up
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