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    Default midi fighter ean golden remix deck


    Sorry for my english, is so so bad (belgium user)

    I have try ean golden mapping with effect et remix deck, it's ok for effect no problem

    but when i push the button for "remix deck toggle", it's doesn't work et the effect function is active.

    how i can active remix deck control with this mapping? Specials manipulation or else?

    Thanks is advance for your help!

    PS: midi fighter 3d is verry amazing great stuff and mapping is verry cool

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    Anabody can help me please?

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    for what i understood is that when you toggle the remix deck the effects dont work... ok if you want to trigger remix decks and the fx at the same time you need to select the deck you want the fx routed to. if u are working with remix deck in deck c u need to press the 3rd rectangular button from left to right or if your remix deck is on d u need to press the 4th button from left to right...

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    the effects still work. you have to select the remix deck in the top row, e.g if you have remix deck d active you will need to select the 4th button on the top.
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