Check out this cool mix!
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    Default Check out this cool mix!

    This is my first post on Dj techtools forum, but i read the forum quite a long time. I purchased the Novation Twitch about a month ago, and have practised alot since then. This is the first mix i have ever recorded, and i did it without any preparation at all, but i still think it turned out to be pretty good. Some of the transitions aren't tht good, but i think i nailed some. I would really appriciate it if you would listen to this mix, and comment on what you think was good and what was bad. Thank you very much everyone.
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    The link:
    Or go search Limbol on Soundcloud or Mixcloud
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    This should be in the mixes and production area.
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    sorted welcome to djtt matey.

    p.s if you wrap the [soundcloud] tags around your link, a player magically appears.
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