VCI-100SE v1.4 Acknowledges USB Power but unrecognized by computer and wont light up
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    Default VCI-100SE v1.4 Acknowledges USB Power but unrecognized by computer and wont light up

    Bought a VCI-100SE off ebay that was supposedly fully functional with v1.4 firmware. When I plug it into my computer the red LED power indicator lights up but Data does not and none of the other lights light up. My computer also tells me "USB Device Not Recognized".

    I have the v3.6.4 mapping in traktor pro for the 100se.

    Its been a while since I have attempted to fix this problem so I cant remember if there was a device driver I had to download and install and whether I did that or not.

    This is using Windows 7 64 bit btw. Also randomly I have gotten it to work and function with Traktor before but that has only happened once and I cant replicate it.


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    i get that occasionally too. i have mixed usb ports on my laptop (usb 2.0 and 1.0) and using the higher level usb ports minimizes that. i tend to forget which ports are which...if you have more than one port try plugging it into a different one.

    probably more effective than that is waiting to turn on the VCI until you have Traktor up and running. i have had much more reliable behaviour by powering up in that order.

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    Firstly, have you changed the USB cable? That would be my first port of call. When you've done this, it might be worth deleting the driver in 'device manager', but not absolutely necessary. The reason I would do this, in case the driver was corrupted during install, because of a faulty USB cable.

    Check the switch on the back is all the way over to USB (power) and not mains, just in case.

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