Hey fellas! Couple of days ago i had some stuff in mind and decides to "compose" a mix..
- Normally this is not what i do.. normally i just play out of improvisation when i mix.. im still in the "early stages" of being a DJ and have only had 2gigs (one little 18y party and a "little" 60+ crowd in a school party)

Please listen to my mix and give me some feedback! I'd appreciate it!

So i'd like to share it with you so i maybe could get better at what i just love doing!

★★★ October Progressive House Mix ★★★

If you'd like to listen to my improvised mixes aswell, then heres a link to all my cloudcasts on mixcloud!

DJ Sequenzed Official

Im not trying to promote myself in any way, just trying to get feedback on my work.. hope atleast some of you will give me some feedback on my transitions, song choices, build-ups, etc.. and even come with new techniques i could use or what i could improve! That would really mean alot to me!

Thanks alot in advance!
- DJ Sequenzed AKA Mathias Bengtsson

// Just trying to be better to get more jobs in what i love doing!