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    Default S4 + 1 cdj


    Let me first explain my actual situation. I'm using the S4 for over a year now and I love it. But now i would like to try the Recordbox software just in case i have to play on CDJ's. My first tought was to sell my S4 ( I know, bad idea ... ) and get the new XDJ Aero. But finally i'm not convinced by the XDJ aero because of bad display ( small and no waveform ) and no hot cues.

    Now I have a better idea but i would like some other opinions. I think I'm going to get 1 CDJ 350 and connect it to my S4.

    This has 2 advantages for me:

    1) I can put it on Live input in Traktor on deck C for example. This way I can use it like a normal CDJ with Recordbox.

    2) I can use it as a midi-controller in Traktor for deck C for example.

    Do you think this is a good idea? Will this work like I think it will or will I experience problems?


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    Tbh I'd just stick with the S4. It has better jogwheels IMO than the 350, and if you're worried about being able to beatmatch etc then just turn off all the visual aids in traktor.

    Another thing, if my experience with CDJ-850s is anything to go by, the midi control will be horrible to use. Only 400s, 900s, 2000s and 2000NXS have full HID support, the rest use regular midi which is significantly worse than the NHL protocol the S4 uses for its jogs and other controls.

    This may sound snobbish, but I don't think pio CDJs are worth buying unless you go for one with the full size platter. These days that means the 850 and above, but if you're using traktor the 850 has the problems i mentioned already so the 900 is as low down the range as you want to go. Apart from that, you can get much better performance with cheaper midi controllers and more features on cheaper, larger CD decks. Something like the Gemini CDJ-700.
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