Maschine or MPD?
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    Default Maschine or MPD?

    Hey Guys,

    I really want to start with making my own Music with a Midi Controller, i found two ones i really like. There is the Maschine Mikro and the MPD 32.

    I know that the Maschine has the better Sample Libary, but I would like to make Live Mixing to with Ableton and I saw that Flying Lotus and Free the Robots both use a MPD. So my Question is, whats better for me? The Maschine Mikro or the MPD 32.

    I know that I can map the Mikro with Traktor, but could i use it on Ableton too?

    Best regards.

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    Yes - the Maschine Mikro comes with an an excellent Ableton script and template.

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    Get a Mashchine. Just do it don't even say MPD just get that maschine, but if your willing to wait get PUSH yeah now you got 3 choice's
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