I'm new to this forum and midi setup. I am using Logic Pro 9 as my DAW, and MPK25 as my midi control device. I connected them according to*http://www.akaipro.de/index.php?opti...d=75&Itemid=73 "Setting up *MPK25 with Logic Pro 8". *Both are working together. *My problem is after searching the internet I cannot find step by step procedures on how to connect my Triton Studio to my MPK25. This is what I've done so far. Triton in to MPK 25 out, triton out to MPK25 in and triton midi set to external.
What I except to happen: When I press start on the MPK25 my triton starts. When Logic is in record mode Triton*midi data is sent to Logic (when MPK25 record is pressed). I not married to this setup. If someone has another setup *I.c when the triton start is press logic starts and triton data is record in logic.
Any *ideas on this?