Maschine MK1... Liquidation/Sale Prices?
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    Default Maschine MK1... Liquidation/Sale Prices?

    I'm interested in getting a NI Maschine (not Mikro). But I don't see the need for me to buy the new MK2 model. If I'm right, the older still comes with the latest software/updates... and only other real 'feature' I see of the MK2 is the colored pads. I talked to one of the local shops and they said that NI bought back all of their Maschine (full and mikro) MK1 stock... they expect that NI will have it liquidated.

    Anyone have word on if/when this would happen? Would really love to get one on the cheap.

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    They did that already in the summer, maschine was $399 everywhere...

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    just do a google search for Guitar Center promo or coupon codes... Last night i ordered the Mikro mk1 for only $173 with a 14% off coupon. So you could probably find a coupon and just put it towards the price of the regular Maschine...
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