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    Default Upgrading. Suggestions?

    Ok, so here is some stuff about me so you guys can help me out. I have been Djing for about a half a year. My first mixer was a newmark Ns6. I usually mix house, dubstep and hip-hop but am starting to orientate my self more towards dubstep and hip-hop, yea know, find my nitch. A lot of the stuff i have started producing ( Reason if you wondered) is hip-hop/dubstep style beats. So, I've found my self scratching a lot. I love it. I don't love my tiny little decks though. Also, I my ns6 has quite a few problems that I've had fixed twice already and it takes like 3 weeks to get it back! That's too long of not mixing! Third I want to get more legit and we all know that at least 1/4 of getting a gig is having nice gear despite the fact that I could smoke a mediocre DJ using Pioneers on my little Ns6. Then again I'm not so sure about that because I haven't really done gigs except college parties and a concert I threw at my house. I haven't really started advertising myself but plan to soon and want to have legit gear. All of that said I have been looking mostly at getting a pair of Denon SC3900 (I have been saving) I dont know what mixer I want but I want something basic (save dough) and then have a sophisticated FX controller separate. Also, another reason I like the SC3900 is the tap-to-match beat. Im actually pretty guilty of auto syncing the beat but that's because Im commonly doing 3 channel mixes, on a blue moon I can even run with a 4 channel mix, and its so much faster just to sync. Don't judge me. I realize when I upgrade in a way its going to be downgrading because I will only have two channels but I plan on compensating for this by improving my blunt transitioning and scratching, plus I don't need 3 channels as much when mixing Dub and Hip-Hop. I plan on eventually getting a third deck once I get the money (hopefully from gigs). Oh, yea, the mixer needs to be 4 channel so I can add decks later. Can you guys make some suggestions for mixers, software, FX controller and decks you think would suit me? maybe combinations of different compatible gear? Price range is under 5k

    Thanks ahead of time for any suggestion. This sight is sweet, I never heard of it before today. Look out for me on the scene! East Coast!

    P.S. I don't want Pioneers. Idk why. Cliche? I know all of the clubs use them but I don't care. I don't think I want to dj clubs.

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    How bout if it was only 3 channels? If thats ok, I'd def go Rane Empath. Reasonably priced, straight forward, about as proffesional as it gets, and has FX send/return for when you buy your FX controller.

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