APC40 CC to MIDI notes?
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    Default APC40 CC to MIDI notes?

    Hey folks,

    After 2 days of research, I'm now just about ready to give up. What I'm trying to do really doesn't seem complex, although I can't seem to find a definite answer on how to do it, or even where I should start. All I'm trying to do is this:

    On my APC40, where the 8 Activator buttons are, I want them to send 8 different midi notes, ie, C0, C#0 D0, D#0 and so on, but only just 8 of them. Optional bonus extra would be that shift+those 8 would do 8 different ones, but that's an optional bonus extra.

    That's all the customisation I need. No VU Meters or any of that kind of stuff, just that.

    I know it can be done with things like Bome's, or M4L, but I'd like to do this without having to fork out more money. I did find an LUA script that I could work with, but I don't know if/how to use it with ableton.



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    Hiya! I had a post here that was called the apc40 resource page. I think that may help on what your trying to do. You can also referenace http://www.akaipro.com/apc40map also if your trying to map stuff to the "Master" area aka the channel slection area that is impossble since it is actually used for "midi pages" so you can map out multiple midi scenes.

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    I made a document that describes the MIDI spec for the APC40. Feel free to use it as you'd like...


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