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    Default MFClassic on A+D?

    Just picked up my MF Classic and I'm still not much of a guru with the midi thing, so I apologise if this has been convered elswhere. I couldn't find it, or it was inconclusive.

    I want to run the instant gratification and be able to use it on Decks A+B. A the moment, buttons 1-4 seem to work on Deck B and 5-16 are all working Deck A.

    I'm hoping there's something I'm missing, or that there's something I can do so that I can control which of my decks the MFC is running FX on.

    Not sure if it's important, but I'm running it through Traktor Pro with an S4.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I only have a 3D, but try opening up the Midi Fighter Utility and making sure the software mode is "Traktor" and the Bank buttons are set to "Four Banks Disabled Hold".

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