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    Hi Guys and gals, Im a new DJ this is my 2nd Drum & Bass Mix, I would really appreciate some feedback/advice/tips

    Download and enjoy


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    Welcome to the forum!
    Track lists are usually appreciated around here, also you can embed your mix by putting the [ SOUNDCLOUD] [/SOUNDCLOUD] tags around it
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    Hi Citizen_Insane

    Thanks for the advice, tracklist and amended link below

    1. Rush Me - Sy & Vibes
    2. Thunder (Tantrum Desire remix) - Rusko
    3. Feel The Love (feat John Newman) - Rudimental
    4. Light Up (The World) (Benny Page remix) - YASMIN feat SHY FX/MS DYNAMITE
    5. Teflon - Dem Say - Teflon
    6. Turn Down The Lights - Benny Page
    7. Better Believe (Benny Page remix) - Drunken Masters
    8. Brusco madness - DJ Ride - DJ Brusco - Jamalski
    9. Fire Bun (feat SMK & Navigator - vocal mix) - ANTHEM, Tony/ERB N DUB
    10. Gallist (Sigma remix) - Top Cat
    11. Dictate Da Pressure - Jamalski
    13. Five On It - JFB
    14. Special Request - DJ ODER/MIR CREW/JOHN OIL/DIEGOJAH
    15. Champion DJ (Serial Killaz VIP remix) - REBEL MC/TOP CAT
    16. Police In Helicopter (Serial Killaz VIP mix) - REBEL MC/TOP CAT
    17. Pirate Radio (Serial Killaz) - TOP CAT/VARIOUS
    18. Roots & Future - DRUNKEN MASTERS feat BENNY PAGE
    19. Man Down - ED SOLO/DEEKLINE
    20. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (jimmy Thunder Re-edit) - Monty Python/Jimmy Thunder

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