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    Default How do you achieve these build-ups?

    For a while I've been playing with a Pioneer DDJ-T1 and Traktor, but a few months ago I started with CDJ1000's and a DJM600 mixer as well as I find it important to be able to DJ on all major options. Beatmatching and timing is going better progressively, and playing two tracks that build up or drop at the same time is nice. With the DJM600 using the Echo effect at 1 makes a nice sound during the build-up as well. But something I have never managed to figure out is how some DJ's get these incredible build-ups. Is there someone who can help me out with this?

    Some examples:
    Ladi Dadi - Tommy Trash instrumental mix, the build-up is longer and sounds different than the normal one. How does he do it or is it a home-mode edit?
    (the original for comparison -
    Firebeatz - Here we go, same thing, the build-up with loads more of drama. Any explanation is very welcome!
    (once again the original for comparison -

    Sorry for it only being Hardwell build-up's, however, many DJ's manage to add the same amount of drama to build-up's like these as well. I'm really curious as to how they do it and I can't find the specifics so I'm just hoping someone can explain it (partially) to me. I'm just trying to improve my own game. My apologies for this being my first post here, have been visiting for a while now and without this site I probably wouldn't even be able to turn on, let alone work with dj-gear
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    these arent done live. the first one is an official mix which means he got all the parts of the song to make it as his own. both songs build ups are all done in production when making the tune.

    as far as doing it live use short loops and white noise to achieve the same thing.

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    In all honesty when it comes to live mixing, regardless of genre, I like to just experiment, experiment, experiment... The options nowadays with software is essentially limitless, Traktor now has all of the new effects that can make it fairly simple to make all kinds of wild sounding buildups where there isn't one already present in a track, or to enhance an already existing one...

    I just had my new Kontrol Z2 mixer arrive and I'm beyond thrilled with the workflow so I'll be practicing day in and day out!

    <- One of my older favorites with A-Trak doing some 'home-made' buildup before dropping the next track... Keep an open mind and always experiment!
    -Two Technics 1200's x Traktor Kontrol Z2 Mixer x Traktor Scratch Pro 2 x 13" MacBook Pro-

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