Hi all,

So i stumbled upon this cool web app created by the guys at modern.dj to create a script that runs in Ableton that allows you to use a Midifighter Classic (or any other controller as long as its not on their incompatibility list) to launch clips in a similar fashion to ghztomash's script. I can confirm that this script works perfectly with my MF Classic. I can use my MF Classic to browse through clips with that scrollable red box as seen when using an Akai APC40 or a Novation Launchpad and launch clips. It seems the script is written in python, if i am not mistaken, so if you are competent in that programming language, you could further hack it.

Here's the website (registration is free and takes 10 seconds)


And here is a quick video of making the script and installing it in Ableton.

Remember to check the MF utility to make sure firmware is up to date and that your MF is in Ableton mode.