glow in the dark frankenchrist AKAI APC40
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    Default glow in the dark frankenchrist AKAI APC40


    i broke this controller at a gig one night and after some time i decided to bring it back from the dead, like Jesus, but with mutations and monstrosity, like Frankenstein, and FRANKENCHRIST was born!

    Its hard to tell but the the faceplate was painted with about 7 coats of flat white paint then several coats of glow in the dark spray paint, then stenciled for channel strips. i am using my own 3 deck custom mapping with mf3d for remix decks. the green yellow and pink channels are track decks and the blue row is fx controls(black knobs are deck filters). each row of knobs is on a modifier, so i can easily toggle the function of that strip.the big red dice and the little glow in the dark one next to it are super faders...

    youll notice the crossfader is missing, im planning on removing the wings and making a new bottom for the enclosure which will hopefully house an innofader, and be turntable height. ill keep ya posted if it works out
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    why won't my gear break down?
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    Nice dicers.
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    Looks cool man, any photos with the lights turned off

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    i did try to take some with the lights out but unfortunately they didnt come out very good on my camera... ima get a blacklight going then ill post some more
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    heres a sorta glowy one... the chroma caps dont show under black light as well as id hoped but theyre still dope.
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