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    So I came up with this idea for this section of the forum.
    It's called "Share and be shared". It consist of starting a chain of sharing your own music.
    First person posts a track. A second person listens and shares that track on facebook/twitter and posts his/her own track. Following person repeats and so own.
    The objective is to share the music of all the people in the forum in places that are far away from that producers area of influence.

    A few ground rules:
    1) Only FINISHED SONGS, no works in progress or incomplete tracks.
    2) No long mixes, sets, acapella mashups or that style.
    3) Remixes and original tracks only.
    4) Mashups that combine elements of a lot of tracks and that show that a real production is behind them can be posted.(Girl talk style mashups)
    5) No spam posts asking for feedback on how to make your track louder, dirtier etc.
    6) Please again, Only fully finished songs.
    7) You may only share one song per reply.
    8) Embeded players like soundcloud that let you like or share within facebook are preferable.

    This rules are for keeping the thread relevant and not get lost in a sea of spams and incomplete productions asking for feedback or how to get that specific sound. It is aimed specially for production not for Dj mixes (Someone can start a similar thread for mixes)

    The trust system will be applied, no one will chase you if you share or not but it's a nice gesture if you expect the same.

    Information to put on your post.

    Label (if applicable)
    Release date (If applicable)

    Song embed goes here.

    I Think that pretty much covers everything. Please try to keep the thread relevant, it's better for everyone!


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    So I start here

    Artist: Alchemy
    Song: Overture Pt.1
    Work: Original
    Label: Durrheads Discos (ARG)
    Release Date: 13 June 2012
    Genre: Synth Rock

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