Kontrol Z2 midi mappable with other programs like SSL?
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    Default Kontrol Z2 midi mappable with other programs like SSL?

    I currently use an X1 with SSL and have it mapped to control browse and select, hotcues, shift rolls and then the effects. Can I do this with the Z2 mixer as well? All my friends use SSL so i'm going to have the sl box hooked up to the mixer for when they come over to jam out. It'd be cool if this mixer could control SSL like a rane mixer.

    I'm assuming that with the SL box hooked up I could run two computers at the same time and bounce between them both? Computer one plugged in running traktor on the Z2 and the other computer plugged in to the SL box running Serato correct?

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    Hey man did u ever figure out how to map Z2 to SSL? I'm having some trouble with it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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