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    Cool Johnny B Dancefloor Damage Mix No. 7 - November 2012 *DRUM & BASS*

    Welcome to the 7th edition of the banging mix series that is Dancefloor Damage. This month we have some absolute stormers in the mix, including the likes of Rene LaVice and S.P.Y- two producers who have both released some astonishing tracks in the last couple of months- they seem to be smashing it left, right & centre! You can also expect lots of other recent rollers and some slightly older ones for good measure.


    1. Future Cut Feat. Jenna G - Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix)
    2. Mob Tactics - Mug Shot
    3. S.P.Y - Back Again
    4. The Others - The Way You Make Me (S.P.Y. Remix)
    5. Rene Lavice - Spile
    6. Rene Lavice - Dank
    7. Cyantific - The Tomorrow People
    8. Rene Lavice - Not Deep
    9. Wickaman & Rv - Sound Clash
    10. Northern Lights - All Night Long. Feat. Bad Education-Vip
    11. Critical Impact - Spintop
    12. S.P.Y - See The Light
    13. Kove - Open Ground
    14. S.P.Y - Analogue Dreams
    15. Ai & Command Strange - Mad One (Feat. Jamakabi)
    16. Wickaman Ft Mavrik & Hoodlum - One Scratch
    17. Frankee - Firethorn
    18. Rewind - Need Some Music
    19. Renegade - Late Night Flex
    20. Joe Syntax - Bassline Sinker
    21. Enei - Cracker (Jubei Remix)
    22. Dj Chap - Let Me Love You
    23. Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix)
    24. Rewind - And I Knew

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    Great mix, mixing is super well done, everything is just tight and well timed. It shows that you mixed with love for the genre, the vibe and the flow of the mix is well thought out.

    Loved some of the tunes as well:
    Dank has great vocal samples and beautiful toned down basslines, just overall production shines
    Tomorrow People just has this jump up quality about it, sweet energy track
    Sound Clash - love the snare shuffle playful bassline combination. Head bobbing approved.
    Firethorn bassline sounds deliciously primal, like a hurt beast. The ghostly vocal sample really adds nicely to it.
    Bassline Sinker - you got me at the sub bass
    And I Knew - I might be mistaken, but this sounds more Jungle-y to me, which works great as a finishing track. Deep and soulful

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    Thanks for the great feedback monogammee - I really appreciate this! I always try hard to plan my mixes and get them just right through practice before I record - defo for the love of the tunes

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