krk rokit 8 vs krk vxt 6
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    Default krk rokit 8 vs krk vxt 6

    hey , just wanting some peoples advice. im looking at buy some new monitors for dj'ing in my room, i also produce a little music. im finding it really hard to decide what speaker to get between the krk rokit 8's and the krk vxt 6. i mix a wide range of music but mostly play old skool jungle , drum and bass and breakbeat. id be great full of anyones suggestions,

    cheers guys

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    Tanoy Reveal 501a... you will thank me later.

    on the more high end

    Anything Genelec

    The reason I always go against the Rokits it because of the lack of low-end accuracy. If you are going to be producing, you need a neutral sounding monitor with tight response from the high to lows. I have had Yamahas, Rokits, Adam Audios and Tanoys. The Tanoys are by far my favorite.

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    but but they don't come in yellow....

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