whats the deal with this site?
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    Default whats the deal with this site?

    i posted twice asking for some help with ableton an also asking if anyone had used traktor with a midi fighter for finger drumming.

    nothing so far..............

    so i use my midi fighter with traktor but i just got ableton an im having issues with loading tsi files an mad zaks sound paks for the midi fighter.

    i had the same issue when i got traktor an my midi fighter i asked for help on here and nothing. i ended up finding someone on craigslist that could tell me why my midi fighters top 2 rows wouldnt work.

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    given its a free community i dont think its really that valid to complain. bottom line is it really depends on when you post as to who see's threads...im sure not everyone see's or reads every thread.

    anyway, i dont use a midi fighter so on that front, i cant help regarding that but on the ableton side...as far as i know tsi files are traktor specific, so if you want to use the midi fighter along with it, you may need to map it yourself, or search the mapping forum to see if anyone else has mapped it....
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