Asus Taichi Dual Screen Laptop/Tablet for DJing?
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    Default Asus Taichi Dual Screen Laptop/Tablet for DJing?

    Anyone planning on using the Asus Taichi for DJing?
    Asus-and-Lenovo-will-Push-Tai-Chi-Similar-Dual-touchscreen-Notebook.jpg asus-taichi.jpg taichidsc02866.jpg

    It could be that which we have always wanted- a method to show the audience what we are doing. People will finally be able to see how Serato or Traktor work. Also the interesting screen setup would allow a DJ to run visual effects for VJing on the front screen. Hell if you don't want to get that complicated maybe just your DJ name/logo big and bold.

    The other option of course is to use it as a tablet during DJing. Set the computer aside and pick it up and touch it when you need it. It wont give the same "laptop dj" impression if it's closed and out of the way. I can totally see myself doing this at the club with two CDJ900s and some really long usb cables.

    Plus it's super small, light-weight, and more powerful than a 13" macbook. The hard drive size seems problematic to me but since it's a PC I am certain it wouldn't be too difficult to replace. I don't know if I am sold but it certainly offers something no-other laptop is offering.

    Processor Core i7

    Ports 2 x USB 3.0; Micro-HDMI; mini-VGA
    Wireless LAN 802.11n
    Bluetooth Yes
    Ethernet 10/100/1000
    Infrared No
    Webcam Yes

    Graphics hardware Intel HD Graphics 4000
    Screen resolution (max) 1,920 x 1,080
    Diagonal screen size 11.6 inch

    Operating system Win 8

    Weight w/battery 1.25 kg
    Dimensions 30.6 x 19.9 x 17 mm

    Amt of RAM 4096 MB
    Hard drive 256 GB

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    I've thought about this same thing, the hybrid windows 8 laptops seem like they could be nice tools for DJing,

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